Saturday, February 27, 2010

Special Price on selected AP prints!

☆Angelic Pretty Sendai branch wishes to thank their customers by offering a special price for selected AP print series.
☆February 27 (Sat)~28 (Sun), during these two days "Starry Night Theater" Series and "Dream Doll House" Series will have a discount of 10% off at the store.
☆Won't you come to the Sendai Branch?☆

※Socks and Hair accessories are not included with this promotion
※Cannot accumulate points for novelty items with this promotion
※Special price promotion is limited-time only

Friday, February 19, 2010

Looks like BABY is reproducing some older staple pieces.

BABY is reproducing (what seems to be) and older staple piece, the "Waist Ribbon Scalloped-hem Jumperskirt" (ウエストリボン裾スカラップジャンパースカート)

It comes in three sizes, S M L as well as four colours:
-Pink x off-white lace
-Blue (sax) x off white lace
-Brown (tea) x white lace
-Black x black lace

It is available for ¥19,740 (plus tax)

More information as well as images (of the brown version of the jumperskirt) are available on BABY's blog.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

AP: クラシックトランプシューズ (Classic Trump Shoes)

Just wanted to make a quick post about Angelic Pretty's クラシックトランプシューズ (Classic Trump Shoes) that are similar to An*ten*na's Card Trump pseudo-Rocking Horse Shoes.

They're not really my taste (even though I think that the An*ten*na ones are lovely, if coordinated well), but I can definitely see someone wearing them with a coordinate that have trump card elements in it (i.e., Starry Night Theatre)

The shoe features the AP logo printed on the heart trump (the trump cards follow a pattern of heart, spade, diamond, clover/club) and detachable ribbon shoe clips.

The Classic Trump Shoes come in a variety of colour combinations:
- pink x pink ・ sax
- sax x pink ・ sax
- red x red ・ black
- black x red ・ black well as the standard sizes, S M L.

They are estimated to be ¥15540.

Here are some preview photos from the AP Sendai store blog (as they are not posted on the AP webshoppe yet):

Saturday, December 12, 2009

AP: デザートコレクション (Dessert Collection)

It's the winter season again (as the snow outside my window has reminded me), and though I really dislike the cold and ice (and sometimes the snow), Angelic Pretty has always given me something to look forward to during this time of the year. More or less annually around this time, I've seen them release a velveteen series, and more or less they have been very promising (e.g. Puppet Circus and Chandelier).

This year is no exception, as AP's new series, デザートコレクション (Dessert Collection), has gotten many lolitas in a buzz on twitter!

To me, it's sort of a nice change from their over-the-top animal/print themed series (i.e. Milky-chan series, anyone?). I'm not saying that I don't love over-the-top, but I feel that it is rather difficult to wear outside of a lolita meetup, or a photoshoot. But of course, my opinion is still rather biased, given my love for classic styles.

I wonder if this series will be so popular that scalpers will resell it at exorbitant prices (and already it's at a pretty steep price, for me to purchase it would costly almost $600 including shipping and customs, just for the onepiece alone!), or perhaps it will spawn another group of knockoff sellers and will eventually lead to a frenzy of purchasing and scamming (an example of this: cruxcomissa/belle-bete)?

Anyways, the Dessert Collection series comes in a variety of colours (off-white, pink, sax, and black paired with gold) as well as being a very diverse series, that allows you to wear the dessert collection (almost) from head to toe:

(click on either the item's name or picture to direct yourself to AP's webshoppe)

pictured above: Dessert Collection onepiece and jumperskirt in off-white

pictured above: Dessert Collection skirt in off-white

pictured above: Dessert collection blouse and cutsew in white

pictured above: Dessert Collection headbow and bonnet in off-white.

pictured above: Dessert Collection socks in off-white and necklace in gold.

pictured above, Dessert Collection parasol in white.

Friday, December 11, 2009

BTSSB: シャンデリアフロッキー series

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is releasing a new dress series soon (from their Mito branch blog), called シャンデリアフロッキー (Chandelier flocking is the original name, but the grammar seems off. I like "Chandelier Flocked", and will be using it in the rest of this post) .

Just as much as I would like to avoid wearing gothic colours (I started wearing lolita in gothic colours, but I've always tried to transition away from it towards sweet and, ultimately, classic colours), I really seem to like this series a lot! It is a very classic look, coming from BABY, and definitely something I can see myself wearing on occassions where lolita is a little too over-the-top!

Oddly enough, it reminds me of the Alice and the Looking Glass of Time series (link to the jumper), but I do hope that the Chandelier Flocked series' patterned areas aren't made of a similar velveteen, or 'flocked', material... It seems like it would be really for the details to rub off with a little wear.


Below is a copy of the post from BABY's mito branch blog some translations. I hope that they are clear (though really there isn't much that needs to be translated!).

Again, please do leave comments if possible, I will take what you have said into consideration in order to improve this blog!

Chandelier flocked jumperskirt - (style) I

off-white colourway

Appliqué on bust area


*価格 (price):¥26,040-
*色展開 (colours available)
1:オフ白×オフ白レース (off white x off-white lace)
2:黒×黒レース (black x black lace)

Chandelier flocked Jumperskirt - (style) II


Appliqué on bust area

*価格 (price):¥26,040-
*色展開 (colours available)
1:オフ白×黒レース (off white x black lace)
2:黒×黒レース (black x black lace)

Chandelier Flocked skirt


Ribbon brooch (?)

*色展開 (colours available)
1:オフ白×黒レース (off-white x black lace)
2:黒×黒レース (black x black lace)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

forever 21: xxi twist: très paris

Forever 21 has a new xxi twist collection called très paris. It will be released soon, but I thought "why not have a look at the lookbook, as usual, before deciding whether or not I will trek downtown to have a look at the items in person?".

Ever since Forever 21 has started their twist xxi collections, beginning with summer '09 -- which, I have been told by someone who works at the store, were originally planned so that each collection would be sold in the stores for about two weeks until the next collection rolls in, though I doubt that this is happening in Canada-- I have always had high expectations for them, since there are always items I'm interested in buying. This time, I'm interested in the white knitted beret (images 1 and 2), black gloves with crocheted roses (image 3).

However, it seems that once I walk into the store, the items are a little different than what I initially thought. Sometimes the items feel overpriced (for virtually 'disposable, fast-fashion' clothing), or the material that is used doesn't seem very nice in person. But there are always those who find it alright for the price and quality. I suppose that if I were not so picky, there would be a lot of items that I would have bought, though with the lack of funds (and the much needed work clothes)... I will decide fully before I want to buy their clothing.

(click on the thumbnail for a larger size)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello everyone!

I will be starting a new blog here, on blogspot.

It will be my public journal, mostly talking about fashion, but I will most likely end up talking about other topics that interest me (which can vary). It's been a while since I've really written any sort of entries (I feel rather rusty! I've mostly been tweeting) so please do offer some feedback if you can (I really do appreciate comments on how I can improve).